Our Story

Hi there and Welcome!

I'm Heather, the owner of Leia's Treats and I'm so excited you are here! Building this business has been a dream of mine since I first started making pup treats in 2012 and I have each of you to thank. Because of yall, I've been able to create the work life balance that I've always wanted but wasn't able to have when I worked full-time. I am so incredibly grateful for the overwhelming support of my family, friends, and customers to have this opportunity to work from home to be with my family when they need me and to of course, spoil your pups!

So who am I?

I am the mother of two beautiful girls, two super sweet fur babies, and the wife to my amazingly supportive husband, Kyle. I was born and raised in Southern Maryland and moved to Deale, MD in 2016. I went to Mount St. Mary's University and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting and Business. I used to be an Internal Auditor for the government but it wasn't my jam. When I left the government, I became a retail manager for a few years and that also didn't work for me. At this point, I had started a family and had to sacrifice so much time with my family, friends, and Leia's Treats for work. When I had our second child in 2019, Kyle and I decided that I would stay home to be with our kids (childcare is expensive!!!) and to further pursue Leia's Treats. In 2021, Leia's Treats went from a small hobby business to a LLC and my dreams were finally becoming a reality! I truly love what I do, all thanks to you! When I'm not baking, for your pups or for my family, you can find me tending to my garden, flower beds, or house plants - I'm a "Succa" for plants. 

How did we get here and who is Leia?

Leia is my pup, my first baby! But it's okay if you called me Leia, it's a common mistake. In 2012, around the same time I discovered I had Celiac Disease, Leia - who was only about 6 months old - was having some pretty serious allergy issues. I began researching dog allergies and decided to try baking some gluten-free treats for her to see if removing gluten from her diet would help her. Leia's itching began to decrease so I continued to bake treats for her and our other pup, Deliah. I always had extras so I gave some to friends and family members who had dogs and their dogs went crazy for them! A few friends suggested that I start selling my treats. I was hesitant at first, but decided to give it a shot and attended my first vendor fair in November 2012. I sold a ton of treats and decided that maybe this was worth pursing! I started baking on the side and everything grew from there! 10 years ago, I never would have imagined that my hobby would turn into such a successful business with no signs of slowing down!

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